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Belkin LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5/5S, Blue/Black

The Belkin LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5 in blue and black is a protective case for an iPhone 5. It features a co-molded hard plastic back and a semi flexible, easy-grip outer frame. It's slim and form-fitting, while offering protection for the side buttons. Additionally, the back of the case is outfitted with an official LEGO base plate so that you can attach LEGO bricks onto it (sold separately).

While your phone is inside the case, its ports and speakers will remain fully exposed. This allows you to adjust volume, plug in headphones and connect a charging cable (sold separately) without removing the case. There is also a cutout for the camera lens on your phone. For an added measure of ptotection, the case edges wrap slightly around the touchscreen of the phone so that when you lay it face down on a flat surface it remains protected.

UPC/EAN: 722868966129

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Rs. 2,499 (all tax inclusive)


Product Information :

  • Co-Molded Hard Plastic Back
  • Easy-Grip Outer Frame
  • Impact/Scratch Protection
  • Slim and Form-Fitting
  • Official LEGO Base Plate
  • Protects All Buttons
  • Full Access to Controls and Ports
  • Camera Lens Cutout
  • Wraps Around Screen Edges

Compatibility :

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S

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